Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back to School Time!

I'm totally going to be that parent singing "the most wonderful time of the year," like in the Staples commercials.  I can't help it, I love Sharpies and notebooks and Trapper Keepers.

But O has one more year until kindergarten, so I don't get to be that mom this year.

This year, back to school is kind of back to school for me!  Back to ballet!  I just registered for an adult ballet class at a local studio and I could not be more excited for class to begin!  I still have to get my leotard and tights and shoes (back to school shopping, yay!), and class doesn't start until next week.  But starting next week, every Thursday night I will be dancing.

I'm really excited to get back to being active and doing something I enjoy.  I know this blog started about my journey of becoming a runner, and training of the years.  And that has fallen off as my enjoyment of running has fallen.  I keep telling myself that I will get back to it and I will run again and even setting up training schedules and routines.  But I'm just not into it.  There is a part of me that misses everything I accomplished while running, and misses the races.  But the thought of going out for a run and following a program really takes the joy out for me right now.  The nostalgia of my run past let me know that I will get back to it some day.  Maybe soon.  But maybe not and I'm learning that is ok.  On that note, I have decided not to run Richmond.  I deferred the marathon last year and this year it was run the marathon or lose the registration money.  For someone who can't be bothered to go out for a couple mile run/walk, another 26.2 is not on the table for a long time.

That's not to say I'm doing nothing though!  Ok, for a long time, it did mean I was doing nothing, and I was a little concerned the dust on my gym card would give me problems signing in when I went back last week.  But, as of this past week, that's not to say I'm doing nothing though!  I'm getting back to working out and figuring out what I enjoy and what I could keep up.  Because I need it.  

So far, that is getting back to weight lifting and adding in yoga!  In addition to my ballet class, of course.  I've been following Erin Motz 30 day yoga challenge on youtube.  I also plan on trying to keep up with the #EveryBodyYoga challenge on Instagram.  I'm not the best with keeping up with challenges or daily posts on Instagram, but I have been enjoying yoga, so we'll see how this challenge goes.  Or if anyone wants to check in and yell at me to keep up the posts, that would be grand.

So yeah, running hiatus, but for now, Shivy Dance, Shivy Yoga and Shivy Lift.  

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goals Goals Goals

Happy New Year!!  Too late?  Yeah, probably, but really, how did it get to be March?  In January, I meant to post resolutions for the year.  In February, I meant to post those resolutions as part of bringing back monthly goals.  In March, I will make some monthly goals (a week into the month)!

This winter has been hard.  I just can't get back into the habit of waking up in the morning.  I've been so tired and it's been so dark and cold.  Even getting up to work out in my living room, I just need some sun and warmth to push me out in the morning.  Plus, I don't have a race I'm training for.  I was training for the Shamrock half marathon, coming up mid-March, however, I started training too much too soon and ended up with bursitis in my left hip.  Which means I was told to take a break from running to heal.  It's extra hard to motivate myself to get up when I don't have a specific goal I'm training for.  Part of me is sad that I'm missing the race this year, but the other part of me is kind of happy that I don't have to run 13.1 miles this weekend.  I can't say I'll not do long distance again, but I am glad to have a break from it.

My hip is finally feeling a little better.  I don't limp every time I get up from sitting too long.  So, I'm going to try a little bit of jogging.  Really, I plan on starting over, with the Couch to 5k program.  Obviously my body is at a different place than it was this time last year.  And I don't want to jump in again and aggravate my hip again.  Yes, I can run(/jog/walk) a 5k. I know I can and I know I have in the past few months.  But not with the same endurance and strength in the past.  Just like I think it's easy for new runners to go out to fast and strong when starting out, I think it's hard for runners to over estimate their abilities after an extended break from running, still judging themselves on what they did in the past when they were in the thick of training.  At least this starting over journey will give me something new to blog about, right?

I have been starting to take advantage of the walking treadmill at work though!  It's super slow, 2mph is the fastest the treadmill will go because it is a treadmill desk!  No excuses now, right?  I'm going to be on my laptop for an hour anyway, might as well walk at the same time.  I need to be more consistent about using the treadmill, but that's what monthly goals are for.

The other thing not holding me back so much as just something that has caused me to over think a new routine is the fact that J and I would like to have another baby soon.  I look at routines (I'm someone who needs a routine laid out for me in weights and cardio and everything or I'm terribly lost at the gym), and I think to myself, well if I get pregnant this month, will I be able to keep that up?  I know that is a foolish way of thinking.  I can adapt when that time comes.  And I should be focusing on getting myself healthier until that time, instead of pushing off starting just in case.  I know this, but putting it into practice has been something else entirely.

I did find a 21 day program that I'm starting March 10.  And it ends right before I go on girls weekend in NYC!  I hope that I can just wake myself up in the morning to get to the gym.  I need to get into a routine of getting up and getting out, mentally and physically.  I think a shorter program will help keep me from looking too far into the future and getting overwhelmed by all the what ifs about switching programs midway through.  There are two workouts (upper and lower body), so I think before I'm back into the gym routine, this takes away the anxiety of well what if I miss a day and then I'm behind and how do I catch up.  And yes, I know I think and worry about these things too much.  But there's not much falling behind with two workouts.  The program has a cardio component, so I'll be swapping in the C25k for that portion.  

And now to my goals for the rest of the month!

1. Gym 4 days/week: weights and C25k
2. Treadmill walks 4 days/week for 1 hour.  I set a goal on RunKeeper to walk 24 miles between tomorrow and the 3/28 (in addition to my C25k time in the morning!)
3. Yoga 1 day a week.  Work is holding lunchtime yoga on Thursdays.  
4. Cutting out coffee, soda and alcohol.  Plus drinking more water.
5. Blog once a week.

I know going from not going to the gym to the above schedule is ambitious.  I'm hoping putting it out there will keep me to it at least.  Also, I've started back up on myfitnesspal.  I'd link my profile, but I can't log in right now, so I'm shivyrun on there.

Now, I'm up far too late to start this plan bright and early Monday morning, so time for bed and wish me luck!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Race Recap: Richmond 8k

I finished my first 8k you guys!  Well, a few weeks ago (11/16 to be exact).  Actually, I was supposed to run the marathon with K, but chose to defer.  There was a big part of me that was sad in the days leading up to the race that I had done so, and that I hadn't even tried to change to the half and was doing "just" the 8k.  But, as a wise coworker told me, it's not just an 8k.  I'm getting out there and back to racing, which some people might not do (Thanks, A!).  

I knew early on this summer I would be deferring the marathon or transferring to another race.  Could I have done it?  Physically, if I had gotten my act together, probably.  It might not have been pretty, but I'm pretty sure I could have crossed the finish line if I put the time in, and I'm more sure of that for the half.  But I also know that a lot of distance running is mental.  I couldn't get myself together to train and I know I couldn't have pushed myself through a long distance race.  The 8k was actually the perfect distance for me this weekend.I enjoyed getting a longer run in and it was just long enough.  

The weekend started with picking K up for the expo and us trying to find our way to Richmond!  After a brief disagreement with google maps, we were picking up bibs, shirts and free samples.
Apparently the apple sauce pouches were the best samples to be had.

The temp leading up to the race was nice and walking to the car in the morning, it was a mild day, even at 6am.  Before the rain at least.  By the time we parked and started walking to the start, it started raining, and while waiting in my corral for the race start (the 8k was the first race of the day), it was pouring.  The rain stopped almost as soon as I crossed the start.

The actual race went great.  I kept it slower at the start, didn't pay attention to those passing me, and only got upset once.  Each race had slightly different start lines, which I didn't realize during the first mile.  This also meant each had different mile markers.  My garmin (new toy from J and O!  loving it!) told me when I hit a mile, and I was satisfied with the pace.  I saw a mile marker a little later and was disappointed when I thought I was going much slower.  I decided to pretend the garmin was right and the course wasn't before I realized the mile marker I saw was for the half and my garmin was correct.  Yay!

the rest of the race was uneventful, expect for seeing J and my sister, B, out cheering for me, which was a huge boost.  My favorite part was the finish though.  that downhill sprint totally helped my negative splits, and I finished in 1:03:37.  I will say, the downhill sprint was enough that I was afraid I might start rolling down across the finish line, but at that point, I figured whatever got me there the fastest, I was going for.  Oh!  And the announcer pronounced my name correctly!  It was actually pretty exciting for me to hear my name being called over the finish line and it not being stuttered over.  The worst part of the finish was the free massages were only for the half and full finishers, not that they didn't earn them, but I don't see why I couldn't sneak one in before they finished!

After a quick Starbucks stop (hey, I was soaked and nothing sounded better than a gingerbread latte), J, B and I made our way to cheer for K and our friend who is also J (which, apparently, I know too many Js and it makes my using initials in the blog quite hard...), who were doing the marathon together, K's first (yay!). We got turned around trying to find a place, but ended up with a great spot for spectating, right before the halfway point.  
Oh Starbucks, I do love you and your holiday beverages.

Since we also had a family dinner that night, my J and B headed home after that cheer session, and I hung out for mile 25.5ish for a while.  I love cheering for races.  It was great to see all the runners and cheer them on, interact and encourage them in such an accomplishment.  I saw K and J coming by and was so excited.  K is starting to blog (, so I'll let her tell her own story, but I loved being able to truthfully tell them about the downhill finish.  Spectators saying "It's all downhill from here" is usually the worst because usually they have no clue, unless they have obviously finished the race themselves and then it's the best news on the course.  I missed them actually finishing because I couldn't run with them the whole way down through the crowd.
I didn't get a finishing pic, but this is my fav from the halfway point.  Looking so happy!

Fortunately for most of my racing and spectating the rain held off, so it was a good day for running!  I can see why people like running Richmond.  And I did defer, so we'll see, someday I guess I'll be running the marathon there!  And if not, I'd definitely be in for the 8k again.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Hi everyone. So, 2013 has been quite a year, huh? This feels familiar, doesn't it? This "wow, it's been a while, I should start again!" post. The thing is finding where to start again has been hard. So, lets just go through some of the ups and downs, leave out the promises of change and just see where this thing leads us, shall we?
February saw the worst cramps I've ever had in my life.  I was actually pretty pissed, like I make it to almost 31 to have these horrible pains I've been fortunate enough to get out of for the last almost 20 years? Then I genuinely was worried about appendicitis. J took me to the hospital and you know, just an ovarian cyst that burst, no biggie (total biggie, that hurt like whoa).

A couple months, and somehow two half marathons later (two of my worst half marathons ever, but given the circumstances, finishing really was an accomplishment), J and I were pleasantly surprised to find out I was pregnant. One of the half marathons was three days before I found out I was pregnant and that does explain why I came the closest to quitting a race as I ever had in my life. First trimester exhaustion is no joke. I did claim this pregnancy would be different and I would exercise and run and be consistent. It was different, I was waaaaaaay more sick. It was the same in that getting off the couch was not happening.

Over the summer, I went to the ER with some spotting. J and I thought they would send us home and we'd all have a laugh at how over cautious we were being. I mean, it wasn't a lot, there was no cramping, none of the major signs. There also was no heartbeat. We lost the baby. I was supposed to be 4 months pregnant, about to find out if I was having a boy or girl, due a week after O's birthday. But I'm not. I had the D&C the Tuesday after my ER visit. Physically, I recovered pretty quickly.
Emotionally, I did a lot of comfort eating. I wanted to get back to a normal routine though, and thought about it a lot. I bought new gym clothes and a new bag and water bottle because I was also big into retail therapy. In about a month though, I almost put on the same amount of weight as I did when I was pregnant (15 weeks).

Healing has been harder than I thought.  Not that I ever thought it would be easy, but I never gave thought to the little things that hit hard.  Rationally, I know there wasn’t anything I could do and that it’s not my fault.  But it’s not that easy.  There’s a part that spent a lot of time beating myself up.  And feeling guilty about it.  Not just for being so hard on myself, but also feeling like, I didn’t allow myself to get as connected as early as I did with O.  Not that I didn’t love and want the baby, but I just didn’t let myself get as excited until after I had my first ultrasound.  The pregnancy was such a surprise, I was scared something like this would happen.  And when it did, it’s like what right do I have to be so upset?  So, yeah, a lot of time spent beating myself up and then reminding myself to love myself.

I don’t know how I started doing it, but I started writing love on my wrist as a reminder.  It made me feel better, it calmed me down.  At the start of what should have been my third trimester just hit me.  The fall was flying by and it was just like, wow, this should be a completely different time than it is right now.  I had been wanting a tattoo and decided to make the writing on my wrist permanent.  I adore looking down at my reminder, something positive to keep with me always.  And I know that might sound drastic to some, but it means a lot to me.  So yeah, still hard at times, but I’m healing and getting better.

And part of that healing, to bring it back to what this blog is about, has been getting back into a routine.  There’s part of me that’s still like, I don’t know where to start.  I have so much to do to make myself healthy and get back into an exercise routine.  But I want to, and I’m working on it.  It’s part of healing.  I know I’m calmer and I’m a better wife and mom when I exercise.  Its hard basically starting over with running, but its soothing knowing I’m doing something for myself and I do feel better about myself after a good workout.  And I do want to try again for another baby.  But I want to know I’m healthier first and take care of myself.  And I’m not saying that to be hard on myself or put myself down, it’s genuinely important to me.  I see the example I’m setting for my son and I know how worried I’m going to be next time around, so anything I can do the help myself out just makes sense.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Spring?

I mean, technically it has been spring for like a week.  But it is so cold.  And it snowed.  And it is so like winter right now!

But I am still so excited for spring.  Just the idea of warmer weather has me energized and ready to get back into the groove. I mean, once it does get warm and light in the morning I can give up most my treadmill workouts for at least a few months.  Light at the end of the treadmill belt!

I feel like I'm also starting to get out of this funk I've been in.  I hope so anyway.  I know I've had a million starting again posts over the winter.  I really hope I get back on track soon.  Of course when I hit the snooze in my sleep for a good 45 minutes and stay in bed an hour after that it's a little hard to get on track with morning workouts.  Not that that happened twice this week or anything.  

One trick in my blogging corner is my outdoor runs though.  My runs are when I take time to think about what's going on and what I would like to write about.  Unless I'm on the treadmill.  Then I'm like, how has it not been even 30 seconds yet??!!

So yeah, no promises, more like hopes.

I am in training mode though!  My college friends and I, none of use which ran in college, are doing the Virginia Wine Country half on June 1!  Which is somehow only 9 weeks away.  I actually joined the Coaching by J program.  Yes, bubs is going to try to train me.  I'm sure it will go well... We just have different motivators, which has been the issues in the past, but I think we can work through that so I can have an awesome race.  The faster I run, the faster I get to the wine celebration!

So, welcome spring!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals

Yes, they're back!  Time for goal setting (though on that note, can you believe it's February already?).  I miss and love goal setting.

This month, or over the next 6 weeks actually, I'd like to invite you all to join me in one of my goals.  I've started these programs in the past, but I think checking in with others would really help. SO, I am going to restart the 100 pushups, 200 sit-ups, and 200 squats challenges.  Now, don't let the names fool you, you're working up to each of these amounts.  Take a look, and I hope you'll join me!  I plan on checking in on facebook on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday over the next 6 weeks.  So, do your initial tests this weekend and we'll have our first check in on the Run Shivy Run facebook page Monday morning, 2/4.

And for the rest of them...

February Goals
-Plank a day. I had tried this over the fall and am inspired by all the SweatPink instagram pics of #plankaday to try again!
-Run 3x a week. Only a month and a half left until the first race of the year.
-Strength train 2x a week. Something I let slide training last year and don't want to let slide again.

I hope to see you all checking in on Monday!