Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm going to have my hips replaced someday.

So, first off, I need to start jotting down notes of what to write.  Every time I've been at a computer lately I've been too busy to compose, and when I have time, the last thing I want to do is be on a computer.  I do, however, want to continue to blog.  Since I have a weird love of stationary items, I do have enough notebooks and pens that this should not be a problem.

Last week, I did 30 Day Shred Monday and Wednesday, and then ran 4 miles Tuesday and Thursday.  I surprisingly improved my time by a minute on Thursday, even though I felt that run didn't go as well as my Tuesday run.  Friday was a scheduled day off and Saturday was full of errands.

Sunday, I had a 6 mile run scheduled.  J let me sleep in, so I didn't run in the morning.  A mistake on the weekend I think.  There is usually enough going on that if I don't get out early, I don't get out.  Plus, I'm so used to eating my calories back after working out in the morning, it was a different fueling process.  

I really didn't think I was going to get out, but Sunday evening around 6:30 the power went out.  Second time in the four years we've lived here.  So, what else was there to do?  J and O actually came with me.  Running with J always pushes me to go a little further and push a little harder.  I ran the first 3 miles in 35 minutes, and slowed down a bit, running the first 4 in 48 minutes.  Which was still 6 minutes faster than my 4 mile run on Thursday.  I felt good about the accomplishment, but physically, it was a bit fast for a training run for me.  

Or maybe it felt like too much since it was still 91 degrees outside.  When we passed the sign with the temperature, J asked how it felt to be running in 91 degree weather.  Um, like we're crazy?  Then he told me "welcome to being a runner."  I know I've declared that I finally feel like a runner, but it's great to hear him say that as well.

As much as I kept saying I couldn't finish, I did.  With minimal walking, all things considered.  I apologized each time I had to stop and walk, but really, it was 91 degrees and my hips were dying.  I also discovered I don't care for fuel gels.  It made my mouth all sticky and I just needed to chug more water.  I'll stick to jelly beans and gummies.

After that, I have been slacking.  I did some pushups tonight after some much needed snacking.  Tomorrow I'll be running.  As early as possible before the 200 degree weather hits.  I was supposed to run on Tuesday but couldn't get up.  So I figured this morning, but then O got up and took forever to get back to sleep.  Plus, it's staying dark later, which I'm not a fan of running in.  I think I'll need to figure out some running after work solution.  I'd rather finish my run in the dark than start it that way.  Guess that means I'll also work out fueling during the day.

Good news, I'm down 2lbs from last week! 

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